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Our Mission

"Everything we do, we believe in living healthy, fulfilled, and exuberant. We believe in helping others become the greatest versions of themselves. "

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What people are saying

Rviita is nectar from the gods. 

It reminded me of a 5 hour energy but without the weird aftertaste. No crash at the end either. 

Adam Price - World Record Powerlifter

Felt Amazing

I had a much quicker recovery between
sets and in turn was able to achieve a
higher workout score. I am not sure of
the science, but Rviita definitely works.
Kudos to you and your team for a healthy
energy drink.


Amazing Clean Energy

This is such an amazing refreshing drink!! Awesome for keeping your energy up, but low in sugar and doesn't make you crash! Please come out with new flavors!!


Amazing, Delicious

I had only tried the other Rviita products prior, and I absolutely love this drink. I cut it with water and it lasts me about all day. I've always hated energy drinks, so normally I stick to pop, this is the first energy drink that I actually enjoy. It tastes amazing, natural, and the peach flavor is delicious!