• Rise and Rviitalize

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If you would prefer to purchase from a store, we are currently carried in over 18 locations in Alberta and counting! Visit one of our amazing partners to stock up on Rviita today.

The Perfect Afternoon Refreshment

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Our Mission

"Everything we do, we believe in living healthy, fulfilled, and exuberant. We believe in helping others become the greatest versions of themselves. "

Our Story

For Athletes

Rviita is nectar from the gods. 

It reminded me of a 5 hour energy but without the weird aftertaste. No crash at the end either. 

Adam Price - World Record Powerlifter

For Business

"Tastes great, I was surprised at how good it tastes. And I could notice the pick-me-up for sure."

Paul Harding - Senior Financial Broker

For the gym

"I feel a noticeable difference in the gym when I drink Rviita. I felt pumped up and didn't experience a crash."

Derek Hohhman