Variety Pack - All Flavours!

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Rviita energy tea is the perfect fuel for your productivity.

A delicious, refreshing blend of black tea, mouth watering fruit juices, golden organic honey, and 100% of your daily vitamin C, B3, and B12. 

Enjoy all 4 of our revitalizing energy tea: Divine Strawberry black tea, Midnight Blackberry black tea, Royal Elderberry Black Tea, and Speachless Peach green tea. Rviita is the boost you need to keep you productive without the crash, and contains about as much caffeine as a medium cup of coffee with only 30 calories. 

  • 30 calories and only 6g of sugar from organic honey
  • 140mg of caffeine from black tea and guarana seed, about the same as a medium cup of coffee
  • No artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • Tannins and L-theanine from tea which is said to alter the digestion of caffeine, providing a more sustained energy boost without the crash
  • Energy-efficient, recyclable packaging

The 8-pack is 2 of each flavour. The 10-pack is 3 Divine, 3 Speachless, 2 Royal, 2 Midnight. The 20-pack is 5 of each flavour. The 40-pack is 10 of each flavour. 


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*As per Health Canada regulations for caffeinated beverages, this product is not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, or persons sensitive to caffeine. Do not mix with alcohol. One pouch contains as much caffeine as about a medium cup of coffee. 

Customer Reviews

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Rviita is the best!

Great tasting energy teas, great variety of flavours. It is very hard to choose a favourite! I love that they are low calorie, tasty, but not packed full of sugar, and are pretty healthy for you. Plus they give me a much needed boost when I hit that afternoon slump at work. Highly recommended!


These drinks are so amazing! They taste so good and give you energy.

I love Rviita

Have you ever find a company that stands for everything you stand for, has amazing values, and is run by incredible people? I know the answer to that question, because Rviita is that company. Not only do their energy teas taste amazing, are a compliment to anyone’s day, and are ecologically sound, they also have a team with profound customer service. Thank you Rviita team for the great product, great service, and touching personalizations. Keep creating, keep envisioning, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!


These teas are delicious and the staff was friendly, helpful, and very fast at responding to questions. Thank you from Ontario!

Worth the Purchase!

I really liked the fast shipping, and the handwritten thank you note. The flavors were great, and loved the fact it is a natural healthier alternative for an energy beverage. Packaging is minimal, and shipping was cost effective. Will buy again.