A letter to our greatest selves

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We are living in challenging times. The world seems more chaotic by the day, and many of us are dealing with adversity we never could have comprehended.

There is fear. There is panic. There are struggles.

But most importantly,
There is hope.

We must remember that in every setback, there is an extraordinary opportunity. Every hardship offers us the gift of growth, of learning, of developing ourselves so that we come out greater on the other side.

It’s not what happens to us that defines us, it’s how we choose to respond. Adversity doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.

And now more than ever, it is important for us all to take the road less traveled. To not give in to the hysteria, the fear, the panic. It’s all our responsibility to lead, to be a light for those in dark times.

It’s always easier to follow the herd – it takes courage to lead; To look out for others, to be courteous in times of panic, to make decisions for the greater good rather than out of fear.

We must be strong, be courageous, and be optimistic for the future. The very definition of Revitalize, our brand, is to imbue with new life and vitality. Through this pain, we will learn, we will grow, and our world will be given new life. New vitality.

It is our responsibility to revitalize those around us.
We will all come out of this stronger than we were before, with a greater sense of community, and a greater purpose. We will look back on this with pride, as we conquered one of the most turbulent and chaotic times in recent history.

We will overcome. We will grow. We will persevere.

Hope is alive and well.
On behalf of the Rviita family,
Karly, Mitch and Rob

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