The Team

Karly Jacobsen

VP Client Experience


Karly is our brand ambassador, our photography guru, and Rviita’s resident hiking connoisseur. Karly has a deep passion for the environment and a profound appreciation for the beauty and power of mother nature. If you need a hike recommendation or want to see some of the marvels our planet has to offer, Karly is your gal – she’s traveled all over North America to do some of the most divine hikes known to the world. Her sensational photography skills mixed with her compassion and empathy makes Rviita lucky to have her leading our social media presence. Karly is a nurse by trade and took her education at the university of Calgary.




Rob Wigg

Chief Marketing Officer / Morale Officer

Geophysicist, scotch marketer, and world-renowned packaging photographer, Rob is a multi-talented, multi-faceted marketing guru. Co-founder of the scotch marketing agency From Barrel to Bottle, Rob has worked with some of the most prestigious whisky brands in the world including Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Macallan. Travelling to New York, Scotland, Victoria, and abroad, Rob has ventured the world doing product photography and marketing. Rob helps guide Rviita’s marketing campaign and uses his background to guide Rviita’s product development. When Rob isn’t working, which isn’t very often, he’s open to taking on anyone in their video game of choice. Rob has a geophysics degree from the University of Calgary.



Mitch Jacobsen

Chief Executive Officer / Receptionist

Passionate about health, fitness, and the environment, Mitch came up with Rviita a couple years out of university. While working long hours at the office as a water sustainability engineer and simultaneously training for a men’s physique show, Mitch looked for a beverage that could help power him through his day and workouts. Coffee became bland and just wasn’t the refreshment he wanted, tea just wasn’t enough, and energy drinks – well – let’s just say they aren’t part of a healthy lifestyle. Not able to find a healthy alternative or a product that bridged the gap between coffee and energy drinks, Mitch decided to use his engineering and sustainability background to create a solution. He teamed up with Karly and Rob and Rviita energy tea was born.