Our Packaging

Responsible Packaging

Environmental Sustainability is a core value of Rviita. 

Sustainability has many definitions, but one is using the earth's resources responsibly today so that you do not harm the environment now or in the future.

One way to accomplish sustainability with packaging is to use less material in the package! Our custom, first of it's kind 355ml flexible beverage container uses 50% less material than most comparably sized plastic bottles, and 1000% less material than most comparable glass containers.

Our packaging can also be shipped flat, which means it takes up less space in trucks, planes, and boats - reducing overall carbon emissions. It can be produced in a smaller plant, and it's far more efficient to package and ship than other conventional forms of packaging.

Rviita's containers can be recycled where facilities exist, and are approved for recycling in Alberta and British Columbia!

Rviita's containers can also be refilled with water and frozen, to be used as ice packs to keep your lunch or dinner fresh!
Questions about our packaging or if it can be recycled in your area, please contact us below and we will do our best to get back to you in 24 hours.