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The fuel of life, our first and most important ingredient. Fresh filtered water from beautiful British Columbia.

Fruit Juice

Rviita’s unique and refreshing taste is brought to you by a small amount of fruit juice. Crisp and clean – the hint of either strawberry or blackberry flavor makes this the perfect afternoon refresher!

Black or Green Tea

A real tea based beverage. We've formulated Rviita with a combination of brewed black tea and black tea extract. This gives Rviita it's revitalizing, natural taste and a healthy punch of caffeine from tea to help fuel your productivity all day long!

Organic Honey

The only sweetener we believe in is nature's nectar. Delicious, organic honey paired with real tea ingredients and strawberry juice gives Rviita a decadent, refreshing taste that will help keep you powered all afternoon!

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana seed extract from Brazil, a natural source of slow-release caffeine that helps gives Rviita that long lasting slow release of energy to power through your day.

Vitamin Blend

Caffeine isn't the only ingredient to keep you feeling revitalized. Rviita also contains a vitamin blend which has 100% of your daily requirements for Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B12. We also use vegan citric acid, which is a flavoring agent derived from Non-GMO corn. 

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