The Rviita Beverage

Is Rviita an energy drink?

When many people think of energy drinks they envision sugar-filled, carbonated liquid full of chemicals they don't trust or understand. We are NOT that! Rviita is non-carbonated, contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and is tea based. We consider ourselves a healthy alternative to energy drinks and a refreshing new beverage that will replace your afternoon coffee. By Health Canada standards however, we are classified as an energy drink. An energy drink is any beverage that contains 70-150mg of caffeine and added vitamins. Think of it this way, if you added vitamin C to your morning coffee it would technically be considered an energy drink. So yes, Rviita is an energy drink, but not in the traditional sense of how energy drinks are made. 

What does Rviita Taste like?

Rviita Divine Berry is the perfect blend of tea, honey, and berry flavors - creating a soft, refreshing taste that is the perfect amount of sweetness. You won’t believe a whole Rviita contains only 30 calories!

How is it only 30 calories?

The only sweetening agents we have used in Rviita is a small amount of strawberry juice and organic honey. The tea based ingredients already give Rviita a decadent, refreshing taste and the juice and honey just accentuates that.

Does Rviita contain artificial sweeteners?

Absolutely not! Simple, clean ingredients you understand is all we are willing to use. We don’t believe artificial sweeteners are totally safe, nor do we know if they will cause long term health problems, so we avoid them altogether.

The Rviita Packaging

Is the packaging recyclable?

Rviita’s packaging is recyclable in Alberta, British, Colombia and in locations where facilities exist. Alberta and British Columbia are fully approved for recycling and you can return the Rviita container to get a refund on your recycling deposit. For other provinces in Canada you must enquire with your local recycling provider, or send us a note and we will do this for you. If you cannot find a proper recycling facility contact us and we can try to arrange a solution for you.

Is the packaging good for the environment?

We answer this question with an astounding yes! Rviita’s flexible beverage containers use less material than most glass, plastic, or aluminum comparable packages. Less material means less energy used. Rviita’s container is also able to ship flat before it is filled so it takes up way less space on trucks, planes, and boats - reducing the amount of transportation vessels needed, therefore reducing emissions.

Can you reuse the packaging for ice packs?

Rviita packages make a great ice pack! You can refill the package with water, freeze it, and throw it in your lunch or hiking pack to keep your food fresh!

Can you reuse the packaging for drinking water?

For legal reasons we have to state that Rviita’s containers are intended for single use consumption (the same as any other ready-to-drink beverage). However, they can be filled with water and reused as ice packs for your lunches or hiking trips! Although we can’t endorse reusing Rviita packages for drinking water, if you do decide to do this we suggest you thoroughly clean the package with bleach, water, and/or dish soap.